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Should you take up a new hobby after lockdown?

July 1, 2021

We've noticed many new faces around the studio after we've come back from both lengthy and short lockdowns in Melbourne due to Covid-19. After these periods of isolation with more time at home and more time to think about our exercise and socialisation routines it's only natural to start looking for new activities to try, when the thought of returning to that boring gym routine seems even less appealing. Ballroom dancing and dancing in general is a great option to try and it's never too late (and with our kids classes never too early either to give it a go).  Ticking off both exercise and socialisation, ballroom dancing can provide you a new outlet and a new way to meet people.

The benefits of ballroom dancing are many!

  • Physical Activity — We're never one to say no to an increase of Endorphins. Endorphins are important to our physical and mental health, especially in such stressful time and nothing motivates exercise more than great music! We focus our classes on getting moving, feeling the rhythm and having fun, you will hardly notice the workout you are getting at the same time.
  • Social Interaction — If you are stuck at home during lockdown alone, it can be difficult to meet people and form a real connection. Many of our students say they've met an entirely new social circle just through having the shared experience of learning to dance together. For those of you that have gone through lockdown with a partner or a housemate, trying a new dance together can give you something new to talk about.
  • Progress — Challenging ourselves by learning a new skill gives us a sense of growth and accomplishment. Mastering a move, technique, or style of dance satisfies our desire to continually develop ourselves
  • Have fun — We might be slightly biased, but there is something special about the dynamic energy that comes from a group of people learning to dance together. Everyone builds confidence together while learning new dance steps. There really is a sense of camaraderie that comes from being part of a group learning together.

Try a group class at one of our MarShere Dance Studios located around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, you will meet new people, find new friends, build your confidence on the dance floor and most importantly have fun. We offer a range of dance styles including Ballroom, New Vogue, Latin, Street Latin, Salsa & Tango, you can even try your first dance lesson for free. You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

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