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2024 Colour Smash Spectacular

A competition that promotes team spirit across studios as well as within, something for everyone!

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2024 Colour Smash Spectacular

The 2024 Colour Smash Spectacular is a day of competitive dance that combines elements of two great MarShere competitions.

With the re-introduction of Race Day, there wasn't room on the calendar this year for three dance competitions. So combining the best elements of the Colour Challenge and the Mid-Season Dance Competition, we have the 2024 Colour Smash Spectacular. Dance for your colour made up of all studios, as well your team within your studio! Being held at the wonderful Arthur Wren Hall in Hampton Park, there are events for all ages and dance experience. For more information speak to your teachers and studio Principals.

Date: Saturday 11th May 2024
Location: Arthur Wren Hall, Hampton Park
  • Individual Best Lead & Follow Events
  • Couples & Solo Events
  • Junior, Adult/Teen & Masters
  • Progressive events, Teacher + Pupil Events and the Randomizer!
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