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Why you might want to think about competing?

MarShere Competitions
February 23, 2023

As part of our regular calendar of events, you will find a number of competitions aimed at giving our students of all levels a new avenue to enjoy dance. Competitions provide a great opportunity for you to set yourself goals, work with a range of partners or your teacher. You can take time to learn new routines and achieve a higher level of dance and performance. MarShere Competitions also give you the chance to share the floor with students from other studios and are a great way to expand your social circle even further. Ballroom dancing is a hobby you can do to a range of commitment levels, and our competitions give you the opportunity to try competing in a fun friendly environment surrounded by other people that are there to do just that as well.

But why should you compete?

It’s simple… It’s fun. Learning to dance is fun, hanging around the dance studio is fun, and participating in one of our competitions is also fun.

“I just started dancing a few months ago.  How can I be good enough for a competition?”

Our competitions have a range of events suited to dancers of all levels and with our Teacher/Student events you can be even more confident on the floor with your teacher partnering. Our competitions use a system of events to make it fair for all competitors.The terms Bronze, Silver, and Gold describe the different levels of instruction and achievement in our classes, but they also relate to the levels that students should dance in. Events are also categories by age with events suitable for Kids, Teenagers/Adults and Masters so you're competing against people in your same age category.

“I’m uncomfortable with people watching me.  Why should I put myself in that position?”  

It’s natural to feel like everybody’s watching you. However, that feeling quickly disappears as you start to dance and perform more.  Your teachers know that doing a competition is a great way to quickly raise your level of dancing.  The truth is, they know this from personal experience. That’s because they’ve seen it in themselves and in their students. So, when your teacher suggests a ballroom competition for you, he is showing that he cares for you as a student. Setting a short-term goal like competition will greatly improve your technique and style.  Equally important, knowing that you’ll be getting up in front of the adjudicators and fellow competitors, you’ll naturally train a bit harder.

By competing, you’ll become a better dancer more quickly. Don’t pass up a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of performing in an event that you’ll never forget.

Our next competition is the Colour Challenge Dance Competition 2023 at MarShere Hastings - this competition was last danced in 2020 and we're so excited to be able to bring it back with events for dancers in all levels.

  • Best Gent & Best Lady Events
  • Couples & Individual Events
  • Solo Events
  • Teacher & Pupil Events
  • Principal Tetrad Event
  • Team Events
  • Dance Events for ALL Ages
  • The Colour Challenge!

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