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Gift Ideas for Ballroom Dancers!

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December 6, 2021

The festive season is right upon us and we're all trying to find the perfect presents for the people we love. Do you have a dancer among your friends and family?  Here are some top gift ideas for the ballroom dancers in your life, guaranteed to put a smile on their face this Christmas.

Private Dance Lesson Gift Voucher

No matter the level of the dancer in your life, from those that have never stepped foot into a dancer studio right through to those that are undertaking higher levels exams or competition, a voucher for private lessons under the Christmas Tree is always well received. Gift Vouchers start at $75 and can be purchased from our online store or directly from our studios. Just approach our friendly reception staff or studio principals to organise.

Purchase Gift Vouchers Online


For students looking to improve their dancing a pair of dancing specific shoes can make all the difference to a dancers confidence, help with balance and spins and stability on the dancer floor. Gifting dance shoes is a great way to make the holidays that much more special for the dancer in your life. We have a full range of Latin & Ballroom shoes in Men's and Women's styles available in our online store and at our studios. If you're not sure of what size they need, speak with one of our studio principals to help you or organise a gift voucher for them to choose their own pair.

See our range of Ballroom and Latin Shoes

Massage & Exercise Tools

Again, similar to athletes, ballroom dancers need time for their bodies and muscles to relax.  A perfect gift to help your ballroom dancer feel a little less tense is a muscle massage kit (or even a massage)!  The best ways we have found to massage your muscles at home are with foam rollers and stretching bands which can be purchased easily from your local sporting good stores.

Hair, Make up & Tanning products

The ballroom dancer in your life spends hours practicing and perfecting their routines for their exams or for competition.  As you may learn, or already know, ballroom dancers also spend hours preparing their appearance for a dance competition, so a great gift idea can be makeup or tanning products from the brands they love. If you're not sure what they use, check out their dance bag, speak to other dancers they know or approach some of the mainstream cosmetic stores like Mecca Cosmetica, Sephora Kyrolan or MAC and explain you are looking to buy something for a dancer/performer and they will help point you in the right direction.

MarShere Starter Pack

We've put together a range of items that every dancer needs to have close by, into a good sized and sturdy MarShere Bag. The hardest decision with this starter pack is what colour towel to pick (Red, Black or White). This gift is perfect for the dancer who has just started, or the ideal gift to give any dancer!

Purchase a Starter Pack

Practice Clothing

Another fantastic gift idea is practice wear.  Typical dance practice wear includes skirts, dresses, and tops as well as pants. These pieces of clothing are different from everyday wear since it allows for greater mobility. Plus, it makes dancers feel confident and beautiful at the studio! Practice wear can be found online or in stores that specialise in Dancing Clothing.


Do you have a dancer in your life that likes to study?  MarShere Dance Studios have published a technique book for the Street Latin style of dance. The book includes the 5 major Street Latin dances: Mambo, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Merengue and Swing. This book provides a practical introduction to the technique in Street Latin for dancers at all levels: from students, both beginners and advanced to teachers and professional trainers. The book goes into simplistic detail, giving a history of the origins of each dance, and the styling differences between them. Each figure that is listed in the technique book describes the feet positions, alignment, amount of turn, hold, footwork and counts for both man's and ladies' steps.

Purchase our Street Latin Technique Book

Wedding Dance Lessons

Has a family member or friend recently got engaged?  Why not gift them their wedding dance this Christmas with a Gift Voucher for Bridal Dance Lessons from MarShere. Once a vouchers has been received lessons can be booked at any time suitable to you, subject to availability of a teacher at a MarShere studio convenient to the couple.

Purchase a Wedding Dance Lesson Voucher

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