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Wedding Dance Decisions

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November 11, 2020

The first dance you take as newlyweds is a very special moment: it is a dance that celebrates a new partnership and your unique love; it isn’t just about the physical activity but the emotional and mental connection you share. There are many factors that need to be considered for the perfect wedding dance: the choreography, the music, the clothes, the lighting and the stage. These are all important factors but they aren’t nearly as crucial as the dance! “Soon-to-be weds” have two fantastic options to help create the perfect moment: private professional dance lessons or general dance classes.

Private Wedding Lessons

Booking a private dance class should be a priority for every bridal couple. These dance classes can be the most rewarding because private classes are more intimate and tailored to suit the student’s skill and pace. The individual attention also means that you can refine your dance technique and progress faster. A professional dance teacher should also be able recommend a dance style to suit you, help you with your bridal music choice, and works with you to plan out your choreography. This is great if you really have no idea what you want to do for your dance and if you benefit from learning one on one. We always recommend at least a few weeks (generally a minimum of 4) of private dance lessons for a bridal couple, as it allows you to put together a short simple, or elaborate, routine that you and your guests will enjoy and remember.

General Dance Classes

The other option is simply enrolling in a few weeks of general dance classes. You can attend dance classes as a casual or sign up to a Studio and become a member. General dance classes will usually teach you a range of different dance styles. The most ideal dance styles for your wedding are Ballroom styles, e.g. Tango or Waltz, because they are graceful, romantic, have an easy pace and are generally fairly easy to pick up. While general dance classes are cheaper than private lessons and they are great for learning to dance, the downside is your lessons aren’t specifically for you and rather the group. This means that they are ok if all you want to do is ‘free dance’ to music on your wedding night, but they aren’t great if you want to have a dance that’s organised at all and something to make your guests go ‘wow’ at. Plus, you can always start with general classes, get your dance feet and then move up to a few private lessons to flesh out a proper routine (but make sure you leave plenty of time)!

Regardless of your choice in how you learn to dance, soon-to-be-weds get to learn a new skill together while performing an activity that brings them physically close, emotionally close and as a bonus gets you fit! It is also a beautiful way to spend quality time together in the lead up to your wedding. The more you practice, the better your muscle memory, and the easier your dance will be on your wedding day!

If your big day is approaching, and you’re still thinking about where to dance, sign up to our Bridal Wedding Dance course, where you’ll learn everything you need to know (and your future dance instructor should be asking!) so you’re set for a perfect wedding dance.

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