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The benefits of group dance lessons

March 23, 2021

When many people think of Ballroom, Latin, Street Latin, Salsa and other partner dances, they often assume it's a "couples-only" activity and that to start attending classes you need to bring your own partner along. At our Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula dance classes we have a range of group classes on offer where you don't need to bring a partner. We welcome individuals, groups of friends (and couples) in our group classes and many of our students have arrived on their first night by themselves and quickly discover a new life-long group of friends. Group dance lessons offer many benefits including the chance to connect with and learn from other dance students, more affordable price points, and even the chance to become a better dancer.

Group Dance Lessons at MarShere Chelsea Heights

Benefits of group dance lessons

Build Social Connections

We're never surprised when people tell us about the amazing friendships they have developed through dancing at MarShere, our group lessons and social dance classes are incredibly social. Our teaching structure allows you the opportunity to dance and interact with a range of different people. Group dance lessons are a great way to make new friends and build new social connections with similar interests and a love of dance. Who knows—you could even find that special someone.

Learn from others and become a better dancer

One of the best ways to speed up your progress in learning how to dance is to dance with as many different people as possible.  A move that you might not have understood with one partner instantly becomes clearer when danced with someone different. Taking group lessons means you have a constantly changing pool of leaders and followers to learn with/from. Being exposed to multiple dance partners can help you become a better dancer. You’ll learn how to adapt to different types of dancers and can challenge yourself with new figures and different styles of leading/following. New partners can challenge and inspire you.

More Affordable

Group dance lessons cost less than private dance lessons, because you share the studio and instructor with multiple different students, group dance lessons are a more affordable option to get more dancing in. We find that many students enjoy a combination of group and private lessons to get the most from their dancing.

Have Fun

We might be slightly biased, but there is something special about the dynamic energy that comes from a group of people learning to dance together. Everyone builds confidence together while learning new dance steps. There really is a sense of camaraderie that comes from being part of a group learning together. When it comes time for awards or performances that group identity can be fantastic for calming the nerves and bonding you together.

Try a group class at one of our MarShere Dance Studios located around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, you will meet new people, find new friends, build your confidence on the dance floor and most importantly have fun. We offer a range of dance styles including Ballroom, New Vogue, Latin, Street Latin, SalsaTango, you can even try your first dance lesson for free. You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

Group Dance Lessons at MarShere Ferntree Gully

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