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5 reasons why your kids should give ballroom dancing a go

April 28, 2021

Has your family been watching Dancing with the Stars recently, and you've been wondering how your child can learn to dance like the dancers on TV? Ballroom dancing is an inclusive activity perfect for kids of all ages and ability. With a myriad of social, mental, physical and emotional development benefits - the skills learnt in ballroom dancing can give your child the "edge" in life experiences of all kinds now and into their adult lives.

1. Improves Memory And Concentration

It's been widely known by medical professionals and scientists that one of the best ways to protect the brain against degenerative disease like dementia and Alzheimers is dancing. The combination of physical and mental activity to music allows multiple areas of the brain to build neural connectivity.  These same processes that help adults avoid degenerative brain diseases are also advantageous to a developing brain.

Ballroom dancing is a physical activity with artistic expression, while many would see it as a "left-brained" activity, it is more than that. Needing to dance in time with music, remember complex step patterns across multiple dances and work with another person taps into a completely different part of the brain and forces the brain to build neural pathways. When you add in the social interaction gained by dancing with their peers and teachers, including conversation, working in a partnership and problem solving together it's no wonder ballroom dancing is one of the best activities for your child's development throughout their entire life.

2. Improve your child's confidence

Do you have a child that is nervous when they meet adults or other children? Do they struggle with their confidence when it comes to speaking in front of others or performing new tasks in public? Ballroom Dancing classes at MarShere Dance Studios are a fantastic way to help your child build confidence. Through classes with our qualified teachers they learn that in order to perform they must move past a fear of failure, and that getting it wrong is just another way to learn to get something right.  Without even realising it, this repeated experience builds their ability to try new things in front of other people building confidence that they can take with them throughout their life.

Ballroom dancing offers a lot of different stepping stones for the young dancers. Achieving good posture, getting that step in time with the music or your partner, learning the routine, moving to the next level, winning a competition, or successfully leading your partner into a step. The satisfaction of those little achievements boosts the self-confidence and awareness of the children while providing them with a situation challenging enough to make them grow, but not impossible to discourage them. Dance lessons are also known to foster a positive encouragement to self-expression.

3. Learning teamwork

MarShere Kids & Teens classes and ballroom dancing in general offer a fantastic environment for your child to build their skills working with others. Teamwork is an essential soft skill that needs to be practiced regularly as we develop, and ballroom dance classes offer a fun way for kids to make new friends and learn how to move together for a common goal. Our qualified teachers help your child build their sense of trust and cooperation as they learn to dance a range of dances from Latin, Street Latin, New Vogue and even Ballroom styles, they also learn some fun party dances like the Bus Stop and Nutbush.

4. Cardiovascular and physical health

Ballroom dance is often as physically challenging as some other more traditional sports like Basketball, Football & Tennis. Stamina, Flexibility, Coordination & Cardiovascular fitness are constantly being tested and developed through regular dance classes. People are often surprised at just how physically challenging dancing can be. Through regular lessons we see improvement in kids awareness of their posture, as well as their general fitness and core strength.

5. Digital Detox

As kids are spending more and more time in both their classrooms and recreational time on devices, finding time away from a screen is more and more important but often a whole lot harder. Our fun kids dance classes offer a fantastic opportunity for your child to meet new people, develop their social interaction and soft skills as well as their fitness and memory away from a screen. Our qualified instructors keep kids classes fun and lively with a focus on laughter and teamwork.

The main emphasis of children's dance classes is fun! In our MarShere Kids classes, children are taught in a friendly environment in a way that they learn rhythm, balance, coordination, and also the ability to build their confidence and communication skills. Our instructors love teaching dance for kids and you will enjoy seeing your child's development as their minds absorb everything that dancing has to offer. We often hear from adults new to our classes that they wish they could have started earlier in life, why not give your kids that opportunity. To take advantage of our Free group class offer for first time visit students https://students.marshere.com.au/first-class/ fill in your details and we will send your a voucher to try a MarShere Kids group dance class.

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